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Does the city have a spirit? Why do people living in the city feel alone? Is our identity more than what is written on our ID cards? Why do we always hear aboutpost modernism? Why are some things fashionable and others not? What was life like before the internet and cell phones? How can the conflicts in society be resolved? How do companies, the government and NGOs work? How do culture and politics affect each other? What makes people religious, nationalistic, liberal or conservative? How do religions and ideologies shape our behaviors, values, and even our economy? Why do civilizations rise and fall? If you are looking for answers to these types of important questions the Sociology Department will be right for you.

The Sociology Department at Istanbul Şehir University 

ŞEHIR is located in Istanbul, a unique laboratory for sociologists. One of the world’s largest cities, Istanbul has a dynamic economy and cultural life, and is an unbelievable treasure for sociologists of today and tomorrow. Our department, with its student-centered approach, offers students a wide range of information. Sociology is discipline with close ties to the fields of history, economics, management, political science, international relations, psychology, philosophy and literature. The sociology department will aim to allow students to think deeply and critically about the societies in which they live, as well as to prepare them for a wide range of professions for after graduation. 

Our Faculty Members have been awarded with TÜBİTAK grants.continued>>

Debating Turkey Public Lecture Series 16 and 17


Rethinking the Social-10
 will host Dr. Matthias Benzer on March 11, 2014. continued>>

nternational Conference titled 'States, Societies and Reconciliation' will be held on November 7th and 8th., 2013 continued>>

Our new chair Nurullah Ardıç

A warm welcome to our new colleague Alim Arlı

Welcome to our new MA students continued>>
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